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Infinite Solutions is a proven Program Management and EVM consulting firm with an ever-expanding set of capabilities and cutting-edge solutions ready to support our customers’ needs. See our core strengths below to learn more.

Project/Program Management

Infinite Solutions specializes in Project and Program Management, applying the knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques necessary to meet or exceed all program requirements. Our process naturally begins with analyzing the program requirements to tailor our approach to the specific and unique needs of the customer. This allows us to create custom process implementation plans which incorporate best practices and provide tangible benefits for program planning and control, with specific procedures to ensure full integration of the project scope, schedule, and cost objectives. We have been very successful applying these principles to increase clarity and coordination among stakeholders and improve project performance in key metrics.

Earned Value Management (EVM)

Earned Value Management is a Program Management method which allows its users to have greater visibility into program performance and costs by integrating several metrics and sources of information to paint an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use picture of the program. Infinite Solutions has extensive experience using EVM to give Program Managers and the Government more insights and control than they would otherwise have. As a part of the Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) we help to set up and implement, we prepare a variety of documents which will be integral to tracking performance for the Program. We also routinely conduct Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBR) which both verify the feasibility of larger program technical, schedule, resource, and cost baselines as well as the acceptability of relevant risks and associated mitigation plans. Once an EVM system has been established, it must be maintained through detailed data analysis and diligent reporting, which we use to uphold high-performance operations across multibillion-dollar programs. In addition to these services, we provide EVM and IBR training to various stakeholders to empower them to continuing benefiting from the system.

Financial Management

Infinite Solutions offers our customers expert Financial Management, with the ability to provide full lifecycle budget support. Depending on the needs and requirements, our budget support ranges from initial analysis and forecasting to planning and formulation and finally to execution and tracking. We have implemented support for a broad range of business cases and utilize a variety of processes including cash flow analyses and invoice tracking to provide a reliable path to mitigate financial risks. Our Financial Management has led to significant efficiencies and reduced costs on the programs we support.

Schedule Health Analysis

Schedule Health Analysis is a crucial aspect of successful Program Management. Without a clear understanding of a program’s requirements, risk, and change management systems, it is difficult to create and maintain a viable schedule which endangers a program’s ultimate success. Infinite Solutions mitigates this risk for our customers through comprehensive requirements analyses and subsequent schedule development. Using Integrated Baseline Reviews (IBRs) and other tools by our Integrated Master Schedulers, we ensure program management control processes and systems are in place to achieve program objectives and commitments. With a sound schedule in place, we, in coordination with our customers, review the key drivers from variance analyses, mapping results to program performance data from the same period resulting in a more transparent and effective program.

Executive / Administrative

Infinite Solutions is experienced at providing executive and administrative support to our customers. We successfully manage offices, taking on all associated responsibilities. In addition to our strong background in analyzing, developing, and tracking program schedules, we also take care to meet all needs in our role as document and plan developers as well as correspondence managers. With our team’s long and successful history in the government contracting world, we are comfortable and capable interacting with all levels of management and customers on any program.

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